Special technique

Paintless Dent Repair is a special technique that requires a lot of patience and an excellent eye-hand coordination. In this profession, daily practice therefore is essential for maintaining a high standard.

A dent is removed with specialised tools in various sizes. By using the right tools, we can ‘massage’ a dent slowly back until it disappears completely.

We do this by gently pushing the metal back to its original form under special fluorescent lightning that shows every irregularity in the panel. This technique can be used for repairing small to medium size dents without paint damages.

These are the well-known annoying dents and dings that are caused in parking lots by e.g. shopping trolleys, car doors and kid’s bikes. But let’s not forget the acorns, chestnuts or the summerly hail storm that can leave tens to hundreds dents in your car.

The dent has to meet certain criteria:

  • Accessible area behind the dent
  • Not too sharp
  • No paint damage
  • Sufficient metal to stretch
  • At least 3 cm from the edge of the panel.